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New South Diner Increases Efficiency with Bemacash

September 23, 2015     Case Studies

1452324_127717237398693_1335235940_nThe New South Diner is a quaint eatery in the middle of a bustling industrial professional area.  Customers range from surrounding neighborhood locals to professionals looking to take a break and grab a bite away from the office.  When Maurice and his partner took over the dinner in 2013 it came with a cash register that required a manual to update. The partners wanted to make the dinner more efficient, slim down the menu and speed up ordering.  Maurice was given the task of finding a better way to track orders, inventory and cash flow without having to do it by hand.  The choice was made to install Bemacash.  The front of the house is run by a Bematech SB8010A Android All-in-One computer with a LR2000 printer and a CD415 cash drawer.  In the kitchen another LR2000 manages the kitchen orders. Once installation and training were complete Maurice immediately began to see the benefits of his new Point-of-Sale solution.  He is now able to easily track all cash flow making balancing the books at the end of the day painless.  He also loves the fact that he can go back in time to research sales last month compared to this month.  Maurice has found the Bemacash system is very easy to use and needed minimal training time for himself and his staff.  He said from previous experience at other restaurants that the Android operating system is much more straightforward and easier than a typical Windows based software.    Over the next year Maurice plans to track his most popular and least popular menu items with the straightforward reporting tools provided by Bemacash. By utilizing these reporting functionalities, Maurice will be able to make small changes to his menu based on sales and can continue to keep customer satisfaction high while cutting food costs and food waste.

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