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Bemacash helps Ridgefield Library’s Continued Growth

October 5, 2015     Case Studies

Ridgefield LibraryRidgefield Public Library is located in Ridgefield Connecticut, home to more than 25,000 families. The library first opened its doors in 1903 when its staff was only two full time employees. Now, in 2015 the library has over 30 full time employees, services over 1,110 guests each day and continues to grow with the surrounding community.  With higher demand come higher expectations.  The library began to realize that their traditional cash register was not able to support the increasing needs of their customers or the needs of the staff.   The library was introduced to Bemacash, a Point-of-Sale solution compiled of hardware with embedded Android based software meant to replace an old fashioned cash register for small businesses.  Included in the Bemacash solution for Ridgefield is: the SB8010A (Android based All-in-One Point-of-Sale terminal), CD415 (printer driven cash drawer) and LR2000 (thermal printer).

Employees at Ridgefield Public Library were struggling with their outdated cash register that was unable to provide them with reports and analytics needed to run daily operations. The library manager stated, “The previous cash register was old and unable to produce the reports that Bematech gives us so effortlessly.”  Bemacash has allowed the library’s productivity to increase significantly.  They are now selling items that must be taxed and Bemacash makes it easy to enter and track every item and transaction.  Management has noticed that the employees are now making fewer mistakes entering sales and giving correct change because the system is setup as a straightforward and easy to use platform. Overall the switch to Bemacash has been a great success for the Ridgefield Public Library and will continue to ease the burden of daily operations as the library continues to grow with its community.


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