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How to Grow a Business: Garden Shop Ideas to Kick Off a Great Season

April 24, 2017     Blog

Spring is here and customers are beginning to make their way to your garden shop. Make the 2017 growing season the best yet with these garden shop seasonal business ideas on how to grow a business.

Capture Attention

Garden shops that know how to grow a business understand the importance of commanding customers’ attention right through the door. Ideas include:

  • Well-designed displays at the front entrance. Well-designed landscaping, flower beds, and interior displays will pique shoppers’ curiosity and encourage them to explore possibilities for their own gardens. These living billboards also show the quality of plants you offer for sale as well as showcase any landscaping and design services you provide.
  • Large windows and open areas. Use large windows to tell a story that entices customers inside. Multitiered, colorful plant designs inside the windows, created by using hanging baskets, benches, designer containers, etc., should all be part of that story.
  • Marketing banners. Be creative with your company’s sign. Bring out the floral designs throughout your banners to compliment your store’s colorful nature. Even host a discount on one banner to entice customers to come into your store.

The possibilities for creating compelling displays are endless, unless your infrastructure isn’t designed to support them. Ensure that power and water sources serve areas where you want displays, but do not impede customer traffic to those areas.

Also carefully plan where Point of Sale (POS) terminals will be located. With indoor and outdoor areas, customers may find it difficult to get their purchases to a checkout easily. Locate them strategically, with great customer experiences in mind. A great feature to have at the POS is a Bluetooth scanner to easily scan heavy plants in a customer’s cart.

Guide Your Customers

Knowing how to grow a business in the nursery industry also requires creative ways to guide customers through your store.

  • Create a few focal points throughout the interior. A prominent focal point display, along with ancillary displays, draws shoppers as they navigate different sections of the store. The main display could resemble a focal point within an actual garden, for example, a gazebo or small deck if space allows. From that point, create other displays within sight that will draw shoppers to other areas of the store.
  • Use colorful displays to highlight new arrangements and plants. Using plants of different colors to create an illusion of depth and make displays more compelling is an easy and effective way to capture attention.

Before creating displays, make sure you have the materials you need to build them, as well as the budget and time to complete them. Use your POS system to check finances, inventory and labor schedules to help plan your projects. 

Pair Plants and Peripherals to Upsell and Cross-Sell

Showcasing peripherals with plants encourages effortless add-on sales. For example, display plants or flowers in containers, keep gardening tools and gloves near plants and at the checkout, position displays of potting soil near houseplants, and show flowers that are attractive when paired together.

Although the visual display will be powerful, also train your team to ask if the customer needs additional items to make their gardens (and your revenues) grow.

Invest in Technology

Knowing how to grow a business in the garden center industry also includes understanding how technology can help control costs and increase productivity and efficiency. Your POS system with a barcode scanner can make checkout quicker for your customers, but also help you easily track inventory. Mobile POS will allow employees to accept on-the-spot payment for items displayed outside the store, enhancing customer convenience.

As your business gears up for the 2017 season, use these tips on how to grow a business to cultivate your business to produce revenues.

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