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Coffee Shop Marketing: 4 Ways to Attract Customers

June 19, 2017     Blog

Americans’ ongoing love affair with coffee continues and this is great news for coffee shop and café owners. It takes a well-planned strategy, to win customers and build loyalty over the competition. Here are four ideas to market your coffee shop more effectively:

1.  Develop an alluring atmosphere.

Creating an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable is the most effective means of bringing in customers, keeping them there for a while, and ensuring that they come back time and time again. Remember, a busy, engaging coffee shop, one with an atmosphere that invites customers to relax and hang around may generate more business.

Accordingly, your coffee shop marketing strategy should include the message that customers are welcome to spend time at your shop to visit with friends, answer emails, or just enjoy a little downtime. Include images of comfortable seating and tables where friends can gather and talk.

2.  Add a meeting room.

Setting aside a separate room where customers can gather for meetings or enjoy a bit more privacy is a top coffee shop marketing tactic and can be very beneficial for your bottom line. For one thing, a meeting room can differentiate a café or coffee shop from the pack. Customers who use the meeting room for long periods are likely to make additional purchases throughout the course of their gathering, in turn perking up sales.

Market your café or coffee shop as a place where small groups can hold formal meetings or family and friends can gather to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. You can use the data you collect from your Point of Sale (POS) system or loyalty program to remind people that have reserved the room in the past to hold their meeting or party at your shop again.

3. Make small talk.

Being friendly and engaging with patrons goes a long way toward cultivating a regular clientele. It demonstrates to customers that you value their business and want to provide positive experiences.

The link between small talk and marketing is that it helps you learn more about your customers. You may be tracking customer data and purchase histories, but talking with customers allows you to connect business intelligence with the people that frequent your business. You may learn most of your morning crowd is made up of young mothers who have dropped of their kids at school, or students stopping in between their 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. classes. The information you gather can help you market more effectively to your customer base.

4. Host events.

Generating some local buzz with events or promotions is a great strategy for getting consumers in the door to see what a coffee shop or café’s business is all about. Consider holding coffee tastings or demonstrations for making the perfect cup of coffee at home. Live music can also bring in a crowd and add to the atmosphere of your shop.

As U.S. consumers’ coffee passion continues so will the potential for successful coffee shops and cafés. Find ways to share the unique flavor of your business with your customers and get the word out so your market knows what you have to offer.

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