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Feature Highlight – Loyalty

June 27, 2017     Blog

Bemacash loyalty is a customizable program, meaning you not only get to decide how points are earned and on what items, but you also get to customize the rewards your customers earn.  If you like the standard $1 to 1 point ratio that most programs use, you’re welcome to make it that simple.  If you want a more extensive program, you can craft your own.

For example, you could make your lower selling items worth more points in an effort to help sell the stock.  In a coffee shop, bagels and other pastries can be worth 3 points, while coffee is worth only 1.  Making the pastries worth more points encourages loyalty members to reach out for them, growing your average ticket value.

Once you set how points are earned and on which items in your store, you can decide what rewards your customers get, and who qualifies to earn them.  For example, you can say that 1500 points will give your customers a $5.00 discount or a 5% discount.  You could also decide that 1500 points will, instead of a dollar or percentage, give them a specific item in the inventory.  You could say 50 points equals one free coffee, for example.  If your store sells gift cards, you could say that 2000 points can be redeemed for a $10.00 gift card.  On top of just points, you can set birthday rewards that automatically award these prizes to be redeemed within a certain number of days of the customer’s birthday.  Many stores and restaurants will offer a free item, or a discount, if they come in on their birthday.

Once you’ve set the point values on your items, and determined the rewards your customers can earn, our program allows you to customize who earns which rewards.  For example, the $5.00 discount and free coffee rewards, can be placed into a “New Customer” plan.  When you sign up a new customer, you can assign this plan to them.  This plan allows them to earn the rewards available under that plan.  Because of this level of customization, you can create “VIP” reward programs that offer more rewards for the same purchases!

Whether you want a simple loyalty program, or a more detailed one, Bemacash has you covered, and all at no extra charge.

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