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3 Ways POS Technology Can Help with Hiring Summer Help

July 21, 2017     Blog

Hiring summer help is often a must for retailers and restaurants that see a spike in business during tourist season. Adding new staff members helps you provide the level of service that your customers demand and that can spark increased sales and build repeat business. Hiring, training, and scheduling the optimal amount of staff with seasonal changes may seem difficult, but you can overcome challenges with the right Point of Sale (POS) technology. Here are three strategies for more easily hiring seasonal help and quickly making them productive members of your team.

1. Plan ahead.

Whether you are hiring summer help or seasonal help at another time of year, such as the period between Black Friday and Christmas Day, avoid waiting until the last minute. The question is when do you actually need extra labor? A review of historical POS data from previous seasons will clue you in on store traffic patterns and provide an indicator of how many new hires you need.

Once you determine that additional staff is necessary, start advertising and interviewing. Eliminating last-minute scrambling will give you time to be selective and it will also give job candidates time to give notice or adjust their schedules to be ready for work. It also leaves ample time to ensure that all new hires are properly trained.

2. Consolidate training.

With a well-planned hiring and onboarding process, you can train new employees in combined sessions. The fewer individual training sessions you hold, the greater the consistency in training and the more time you will save.

POS technology can be very instrumental in effective training when hiring summer help. Good POS systems offer an interactive, comprehensive training module that you can use to familiarize employees with processes such as entering orders and completing payment transactions. Look for a system that allows training to occur offline in a simulated environment, so there is no impact on real transactions and the recording of transaction data.

3. Retain employees and hire less often.

The task of hiring summer help and training new workers can be minimized by finding employees that return season after season. Many students have long winter and spring breaks, presenting additional opportunities for them to work for you, and stay-at-home parents may want occasional, seasonal work. Build a rapport with your best seasonal employees to ensure that they will want to work at your restaurant or store again in the future.

Rewarding top employees is a great way to incentivize them to return rather than seek future seasonal work elsewhere. Your POS system can help you identify these employees by monitoring staff against key performance indicators, such as total sales and upsell rates.

Hiring summer help is important to your business’ success during the busiest times, and having the right POS solution can make the job easier. Your POS system should make scheduling and training new staff easier, and it should also give employees, whether new or seasoned, the right tools to do their jobs efficiently and accurately.

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