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Charley’s Video Gaming Increases Efficiency with the Help of Bemacash

August 9, 2017     Case Studies

Located in Dekalb and Whiteside county Illinois, Charley’s Video Gaming which opened its first location in September 2016 features cozy custom gaming spaces with a carousel machine setup, casino like modern style and great service.  Serving alcoholic spirits and complementary snacks such as popcorn, cookies and soft drinks, it’s no wonder this video gaming establishment has expanded to four locations in the past year! Additional locations are named Charley’s Video Gaming 2 and 3 plus Shelly’s Video Gaming and brings the same, fun energy and gaming excitement to its local patrons.

All four gaming locations are family owned and operated by partner, Derick Ibarra. As a direct result of its rapid business expansion Derick and his partners found themselves in need of a Point-of-Sale system that was simple to use, would accept cash only transactions without having to be tied to any credit card processor and have the ability to manage multiple locations from anywhere. Previously, Derick managed and operated his family’s large restaurant, using a PixelPoint POS system that was much too robust and expensive for their current venture.

Knowing they needed to streamline the businesses, increase efficiencies and bring in a system that would be easy to use they chose to move forward with Bemacash, the POS solution for all of Charley’s Video Gaming needs. Three 15” bundles were installed including: the Bemacash SB8015AW All-in-One terminal, CD330S cash drawer and LR2000 printer at three locations as well as a Samsung tablet bundle at the fourth location.  The hardware is built to withstand demanding retail and foodservice environments standing up to bumps and the occasional spills without jeopardizing the functionality of the product or slowing down  transaction times.  “With Bemacash, I can manage all four of our locations very quickly and easily. It has all the basic functionalities you would need to operate a small business effectively.” stated Derick.  He also boasted about additional features including easy to setup inventory control, intuitive interface and employee management.

Bemacash was happy to provide a successful solution to Charley’s Video Gaming needs. We look forward to a long relationship and hope to see Derick continue to expand his gaming establishments in the future.


About Bematech
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About Charley’s Video Gaming
Charley’s Video Gaming is focused on providing the best gaming experience and the best service to our customers. Each location has a clean and sleek environment with modern finishes you would expect to see in a casino environment. In addition to gaming, each location has a unique setup, some with full service bars and signature dinks and other locations serving beer and wine.

Charley’s Video Gaming – 1470 S. Peace Rd, Sycamore, IL | (815)-899-8456
Charley’s VG & Rum Bucket Bar – 1792 Sycamore Rd, DeKalb, IL | (815) 517-0162
Shelly’s Gaming – 530 N. Main St, Sycamore, IL | (815) 991-5742
Charley’s Video Gaming III – 223 W. 2nd St. Rock Falls, IL | (815) 213-7905

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