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Convenience Store POS


  • Track inventory
  • Small, 10” All-in-One units available or tablet option to help conserve counter space
  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Access control to help reduce shrinkage
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out
  • Rugged terminal design helps resist damage from spills
  • Integrates with kitchen printer or display for made-to-order foods
  • Wi-Fi and network connectivity
  • Optional MSR and customer display

Meeting the Need for Speed

Your customers expect to find what they want, receive quick service, and get on their way. C-store managers are challenged to manage an extremely varied inventory and to make sure high-demand items are always in stock.

Your convenience store POS system also needs to be easy to use so employees can provide quick customer service without making mistakes. In an industry where employee turnover is common, you also need a way to train employees quickly and with minimal disruption to the store’s busy schedule. Access control and reducing shrinkage are also vital to ensuring you are running a profitable business.

The Optimal Convenience Store POS Solution

Bemacash knows you need a POS system that includes a robust inventory system to manage the wide variety of products you offer. Our POS system also alerts you when certain stock is running low and quickly provides reports to give you a real-time view of inventory and sales. Bemacash is cloud-based, so you can access your business data from anywhere at anytime.

Our POS interface is uncluttered, so employees can easily find what they need, and with scanner support, customers move through the line even more quickly. Our systems also accept a variety of payment types, and we give you the ability to put orders on-hold so the line never has to come to a halt.

Recommended Hardware

Retail Tablet Bundle

Our tablet bundle is ideal for those who have limited counter space or are interested in using the tablet for line busting.

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10″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 10″ bundle is ideal for customers who have limited counter space but still need the rugged hardware that an All-in-One terminal offers.

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15″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 15″ bundle is ideal for customers who have to manage a large amount of inventory and need to see all order options clearly and right at their fingertips with minimal scrolling.

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