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Gift Shop and Boutique POS


  • Small and sleek POS hardware that conserves space and doesn’t detract from surroundings
  • Rugged design that helps prevent damage from bumps or drops
  • Barcode lookup and support for different barcode formats
  • Employee scheduling and time clock functionality
  • Back office reporting including sales, inventory, and payroll
  • Training mode doesn’t interfere with actual transactions or reporting data

Know Your Unique Needs

Bemacash knows your gift shop or boutique needs the right Point of Sale (POS) system to support your business and help you provide great shopping experiences that build customer loyalty. Bematech’s All in One POS terminals and Android tablet options have small, sleek form factors that neatly conserve counter space and won’t detract from the décor of your shop. Although they’re compact, our boutique POS systems are also powerful enough to process transactions quickly and rugged enough to withstand use in a retail environment. They are also equipped to accept all forms of payment including EMV chip cards and near field communication (NFC) mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, and they facilitate returns for cash, store credit, or a combination of both.

The Right Gifts for Every Season

It’s a challenge for gift shops and boutiques to keep up with changing seasons, trends, and special events. To offer the gifts your customers want to give at different times of the year, our boutique POS systems give you the tools to keep the right items in stock at the right times. Our Bemacash software solution’s inventory grid helps you manage items with multiple variations, such as collectibles. It also generates reports that enable you to track best-selling items, and provides you with alerts when it’s time to reorder. Moreover, Bemacash allows you to establish a central unified stock pool to use with multiple store locations.

Bemacash’s boutique POS systems are available with large touchscreens that enable sales associates to check inventory and complete sales with speed and accuracy. Bemacash software features an intuitive user interface that can be configured in a clean “retail view” that shows just the icons your employees need.

Recommended Hardware

Retail Tablet Bundle

Our tablet bundle is ideal for those who have limited counter space or are interested in using the tablet for line busting.

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10″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 10″ bundle is ideal for customers who have limited counter space but still need the rugged hardware that an All-in-One terminal offers.

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15″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 15″ bundle is ideal for customers who have to manage a large amount of inventory and need to see all order options clearly and right at their fingertips with minimal scrolling.

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