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Concession POS


  • Compact hardware design that saves counter space
  • Rugged hardware designed for use in harsh environments
  • Integration with kitchen printers or KDS
  • Employee management, time clock functionality, payroll reports
  • Intuitive user interface for quick, easy transactions, even with modifiers
  • Training mode that enables new employees to learn without affecting transactions or records

Process Transactions More Quickly with the Right Concession POS

At concession stands, time is money. The more customers you can serve during intermission or between innings, periods, or halves, the higher the day’s revenues will be. Bemacash concession POS systems are designed to help you save time. Our All in One POS terminals and tablet POS systems are powerful enough to complete a high volume of transactions in a short amount of time, and efficiently accept a wide range of payment types including EMV chip cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay. With our Bemacash POS software, you can give your customers the option of a print or emailed receipt. Bematech hardware has a rugged design that stands up to spills, bumps, or drops, preventing downtime due to damage.

To make food preparation quicker, you have the option of adding a kitchen display system (KDS) to Bemacash concession POS systems. A KDS accurately displays orders to the kitchen as soon as they are entered into the POS terminal, getting the order to cooks faster so they can serve customers quickly and efficiently. Your KDS has the ability display several orders at the same time so cooks can prepare multiple orders at once keeping lines moving making sure customers don’t miss out on any of the event action.

When lines grow long and you want to capture all that revenue before the crowd returns to their seats, use Bemacash tablet POS systems to line bust with a mobile checkout. Our systems can also temporarily work offline if Internet service is interrupted, so you never have to miss a sale.

Different Day, Different Inventory 

Events at your venue are always changing. With different teams, shows, and seasons, you need to adjust your menu and inventory to make sure you are offering what your customers are looking for. Our Bemacash POS software lets you manage inventory, grouping it into easily manageable categories, and ensuring you have the right menu items and souvenirs on hand at the right time. Whether the crowd will be clamoring for hot chocolate or ice-cold beer or for team pennants to wave at a game or glow sticks to wave at a concert, our Bemacash easy-to-manage inventory system has you covered. Bemacash can also generate inventory reports and provide alerts when inventory is low. Our cloud-based software allows you to access real-time sales reports, the vendor management module, issue purchase orders, keep tabs on inventory anytime, anywhere with an Internet-connected device, which is especially useful if you have multiple locations.

Recommended Hardware

Retail Tablet Bundle

Our tablet bundle is ideal for those who have limited counter space or are interested in using the tablet for line busting.

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10″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 10″ bundle is ideal for customers who have limited counter space but still need the rugged hardware that an All-in-One terminal offers.

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15″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 15″ bundle is ideal for customers who have to manage a large amount of inventory and need to see all order options clearly and right at their fingertips with minimal scrolling.

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