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Food Truck POS


  • Cloud-based software allows you to access make quick changes to menus or pricing from anywhere with an Internet-connected device
  • You can monitor in-truck inventory and sales reports from a mobile device
  • The POS system is reliable and gives you the ability to work off-line in the event of Internet outage
  • Our POS systems are ready to accept EMV and mobile NFC payments and integrate with major payment processors
  • Bematech POS hardware features a compact, sturdy design
  • Our POS solutions include Wi-Fi and mobile network capabilities

Food Truck POS Delivers What Your Business Needs

When you raise the awning over your food truck’s service window and greet your customers, your Point of Sale (POS) system needs to be ready to process orders and payments quickly and efficiently.

Bemacash provides food truck POS solutions that have the design, features and reliability you need. Our all-in-one terminals pack rich functionality into a small form factor that won’t take up excessive counter space. Their fanless design means no dust or debris from the kitchen is drawn into the terminal and because there are no moving parts, its terminals are less susceptible to damage or failure from shock or vibration that can occur when driving to a new location. In addition, Bematech POS hardware is rugged enough for use in a food service environment, where it may be exposed to spills, heat, and humidity.

If you are looking for mobile, tablet-based POS, our Bemacash tablet solution bundles everything you need, including a printer, cash drawer, and tablet enclosure, and  lets you deploy your POS system quickly and easily.

Create Great Customer Experiences with Food Truck POS

In addition to tasty menu items, your food truck’s appeal includes quick, convenient service. Bemacash designs its food truck POS systems to be fast and reliable, so your customers can get the food they crave without a long wait in line.

Food truck POS systems that are easy to use result in quicker transactions. Bematech designed its all-in-one terminals with large touchscreens that let you take an order with just a few taps. Our Bemacash POS software features an intuitive user interface that lets you accurately enter orders, even with multiple modifiers.

Payment transactions also have to be fast and simple to create great customer experiences. Bemacash POS systems accept multiple forms of payment including EMV chip cards and near field communication (NFC) mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

To provide the best customer service, you also need a well-managed business. Our food truck POS solutions give you advantages such as inventory and vendor management so you can always offer the menu items your customers love. Our Bemacash software also generates reports to help you keep a close watch on sales and engineer the most profitable menu. It’s also cloud-based, so you can access data and reports anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.

Recommended Hardware

Retail Tablet Bundle

Our tablet bundle is ideal for those who have limited counter space or are interested in using the tablet for line busting.

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10″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 10″ bundle is ideal for customers who have limited counter space but still need the rugged hardware that an All-in-One terminal offers.

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15″ AIO Retail Bundle

Our 15″ bundle is ideal for customers who have to manage a large amount of inventory and need to see all order options clearly and right at their fingertips with minimal scrolling.

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