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Change Log

Bemacash 4.X

Version 4.06.04(77)

  • Added payment type on sales report on the backoffice
  • Fixed bug with multistore transfer
  • Fixed bug with sales by item in multistore
  • Fixed bug with inventory export that shows the wrong on hand quantity
  • Fixed bug with inventory export that shows the wrong unit label
  • Improved employee commission report
  • Added a required option to require an employee to select an employee for commission


Version 4.06.03(76)

  • Increase stability of the PAX connection
  • Increased stability of the Ethernet printer connection
  • Fixed bug where completed sales were return


Version 4.06.02 (75)

  • Fixed issues with reports when on specific timezones
  • Fixed refund bug issues
  • Added the ability to search for items in history page


Version 4.06.01 (74)

  • Minor fixes with commission reports
  • Fixed store credit refund issue
  • Improved quickbooks Sync


Version 4.06 (73)

  • Improved Employee commissions
  • Added Detailed Employee commission report on the back office
  • Improved On Hold method
  • Fixed minor bugs with Gift Card
  • Increased the speed of the X and Z report on the android
  • Added On Hold timer
  • Fixed bugs with On Hold feature


Version 4.05 (70)

  • Gift Card added to X, Z and Tender Summary report
  • Fixed issue with refunding Gift Card
  • Fixed issue with special characters not being exported correctly from inventory
  • Fixed inventory bulk deletion on backoffice
  • Fixed issue where blank tax groups were getting created
  • Fixed issue were special characters were showing incorrectly in descriptions and names
  • Fixed issue where age verification pops up twice
  • Fixed issues with sales by item export
  • Fixed error messages when logging in
  • Fixed issues with sales by customer report
  • Fixed issue when doing a print order for more then 1,000
  • Improved updating feature



Version 4.04.02 (69)

  • Increased stability of PAX connection
  • Fixed issue where refunding over $1,000 dollars caused app crashes


Version 4.04.01 (68)

  • Fixed an issue where tax was incorrectly being rounded when decimals had a specific sequence
  • Fixed an issue if a modifier had a price, it would return incorrectly


Version 4.04 (67)


  • Android – New dialog box pops-up for Adding tips
  • Android – Dialog box for sales return
  • Android – Access the android setting in Bemacash


  • Android – Negative Tax and Total amounts.
  • Android – Unable to return tips
  • Android – App crashes when returning tips
  • Android – App crashes when returning items paid with Offline credit
  • Android – Void lags when connected to static IP
  • Android – Unable to perform partial refund when store has two or more registers.
  • Android – Tips refunded as a combined amount to one card only in case of split tender with multiple credit cards
  • Android – Scale – No ability to weight items by ounces
  • Android – Finish button in Void and Return dialog boxed does not work
  • Android – Unable to return tips added during transaction
  • Android – Printer error when printing receipt with gift card items
  • Android – Tips status synchronization
  • Android – Sales Order report – General fixes
  • Android – Can’t Send logs
  • Android – Z and X reports – General fixes
  • Android – Shift Report
  • Android – Sales transaction amount incorrect when unit price
  • Android – Discount incorrect in sales order screen.
  • Android – Allow full refund for unit price items
  • Web -Multi Store – General fixes
  • Web – Z and X reports – General fixes
  • Web – Sales Order report – General fixes
  • Web – Sales Report – General issues
  • Web – Sales by Item – General issues
  • Web – Shift Report
  • Web – Export reports not correct



Version 4.03 (63)


  • Multi-store improvements.
  • Quick books integration improvements.
  • Tips on the fly receipt flow adjusted


  • Android – S302D configuration issue
  • Android – Age verification for Retail and Wireless versions
  • Android – Signature receipt is printed for Debit card payment is case of split tender (Debit / Credit)
  • Android – Gift card reload improvements
  • Android – Local sync with composed items
  • Android – Allowed Food Stamps amount is not changing in case order/personal discount was applied on EBT items
  • Android – Email receipt sent when checking Gift card balance
  • Android – Orders On Hold get stuck in the on hold list.
  • Web – Item full import performance improved
  • Web – Discrepancy between Z and X reports
  • Web – Incorrect total cost of a composed item
  • Web – Z report Return.


Version 4.02(60)

  • Tax Rounding
  • Adding order discount splits qty of added to the order item in two parts in sale receipt and sales history
  • Tax total displays as a negative amount
  • Refund fails in case payment was done with two different tender types, including Credit
  • Pax Timeout
  • Quantity of multiple item discount item(s) changes in register after manual sync is done
  • Does not allow order discount (value) higher than item’s total
  • Personal discount does not display in Discounts

Version 4.0(58)

  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Scanner updates
  • Age verification
  • Improvement on the kitchen receipt (on hold name on the ticket, stay/to go, phone number, etc)
  • Reports
  • Sales by modifiers
  • Predefined on hold orders
  • Search for on hold orders
  • Will signal busy tabs
  • Bug fixes


Bemacash 3.X

Version 3.43(56)

  • Works with version 6.0 of Android.
  • Fixed refund bugs

Version 3.4 (53)

  • Added digital signature to PAX pin pad
  • Improved credit card guest receipt
  • Highlight last item added in register
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.3 (51)

  • Adjusted Bemacash User Interface for the new SB1015AW All-in-One 15″ device
  • Adjusted hardware communication

Version 3.2 (50)

  • Improved the performance of Bemacash
  • Fixed On Hold orders printing when option is turned off
  • Fixed X, Z and Tender Summary Reports
  • Fixed clock in dialog box that was not closing
  • Fixed interface issues on the inventory screen
  • Integrated scale now recognizes ‘LBS’ and ‘LB’
  • Fixed EBT issues
  • Fixed bar code printer scale issues

Version 3.1 (48)

  • Peru Fiscal regulation changes.
  • Puerto Rico Tax adjustments.
  • Costa Rica currency symbol enablement.
  • Z-report and X-report filtering by register and date/time.
  • Heartland payment Certification
  • Don’t allow to add multiple tax groups.
  • Allow to delete tax groups with item assigned.
  • Performance issue when there are more than 3000 items in inventory.
  • Incorrect calculation in tender summary (all reports).
  • Spanish translation.

New Features for Version 3

  • New user interfaces
  • Payment batch out through application
  • Payment button options
  • Register alphabetical sort
  • Void credit card transaction
  • Time based pricing
  • Support on item creation (Duplicate item, Copy modifiers)
  • Offline feature
  • Loyalty program
  • EBT support
  • Multiple item discount
  • 86 item/limit availability


Bemacash 2.X

Version 2.3 (38)

  • Fixed tax group to use 3 decimals
  • Fixed modifiers not showing on kitchen receipt
  • Void orders with out credit card present
  • Product Code not mandatory
  • Added sorting for modifier group

Version 2.12 (32)

  • Added Scanner virtual com port for USB scanner.
  • Fixed prepaid reports

Version 2.11 (31)

  • Added ChangeLog to the settings page

Version 2.1 (30)

  • Prepaid application integrated into Bemacash
  • Bottle deposit integration
  • Ability to handle two tax groups for Ecuador
  • Customer pop-up screen when doing sales
  • New receipt format for Ecuador
  • Ability to switch between countries in the settings page.
  • Fixed plan pricing on the merchant page

Version 2.0 (20)

  • Refund button now is enabled when doing a credit card refund
  • Fixed error message when adding tips manually after the transaction was finished
  • Fixed app crashing when going from search to history screen
  • Fixed Tax calculation

New Features for Version 2

  • New Plan: Freemium version
    A free version of Bemacash which is available during sign-up for new Bemacash merchants (0$ – 1 register). Created to support merchant’s daily operations without monthly subscription.
  • Improved the functionality of Modifiers and Add-ons
    Improved functionality allows now to bring up items that already registered in the application to Add-on. The inventory amount will be decreased for the item sold as well for the items in Add-on list if chosen during the transaction. This new feature will help a merchant to improve inventory tracking experience.
  • Composition Items
    The composition items are items in the inventory which are not available for sale on a register screen.  This feature will significantly increase an inventory monitoring ability for items that take multiple products to create one item.
  • Matrix printer
    Added MP200ER Matrix printer for printing sale and kitchen receipts.
  • Secondary Inventory
    Will allow the merchant to keep warehouse items in a second inventory.  When merchants move their inventory from there ware house to their store they can transfer the items from the second (warehouse) inventory to their main store inventory.
  • Item Generator
    Created for monitoring clothing inventory by colors and sizes. This feature will help a clothing store owner to keep track of every single item in store. The will help create items that have multiple variants much more efficiently.
  • Bar code Integration
    Bemacash is able to read bar codes from label printing scales.
  • KDS (Kitchen Display System)
    Bemacash KDS  is a complete kitchen display system designed to work exclusively with the Bemacash POS system. Send order tickets from any of your registers and receive them at any KDS stations. We developed Bemacash KDS to broadcast kitchen tickets onto any size of monitor in order to speed up a cooking process and to increase customer experience.

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